The safety of DynaGrid’s employees, the public, the environment, and all property are fundamental to successfully delivering projects. At DynaGrid, safety is everyone’s concern - every person at DynaGrid is relentlessly focused on achieving accident-free delivery of projects. It is the foundation of how DynaGrid operates and manages the business. Put simply, the goal is accident free projects through industry leading safety management.


    • Think safety first, last, and in between
    • Safety is the most important product DynaGrid creates
    • Safety binds DynaGrid together – it’s how DynaGrid does business
    • Safety is everyone's concern
    • No task is more important to complete than to complete it safely


    • Written safety program
    • Fleet safety program
    • Hazard communications program
    • Aggressive drug and alcohol program
    • Weekly tool box meetings
    • Continuous job hazard analysis monitoring
    • Investigation of near misses
    • Certifications
    • Continuing employee education